Glasgow Clyde Education Foundation is a Scottish Charity set up in 2014 to support the development of Glasgow Clyde College as a world class teaching and learning facility. We aim to fund projects that enable the College to improve the learning and life chances of its existing students and potential students and the wider communities that the College serves.

We disperse our funding through two grants programmes:

  • The Learning and Life Chances  grant programme for project proposals that meet our priorities coming from the College’s own directorates and Students’ Association
  • A Community Partnerships programme that supports progression routes to learning for neighbouring communities by funding partnership projects between external not-for-profit organisations and the College.

Grants are awarded four times a year at the Trustees’ Board meetings.

To date, Trustees of the educational charity have awarded over £8 million in grant funding to projects which range from capital projects that support a sustainable infrastructure across Glasgow Clyde College's 3 campuses to innovative professional development programmes for both academic and support staff at the College.

For more information on our grant making criteria please click here.