Delivering impact in a changing landscape: Foundation presents Second Annual Review

At its AGM held on 27 September 2016 the Chair of the Foundation, Professor Stephanie Young, introduced the charity's Annual Review of activities during 2015-16 . Professor  Young said:

"I am delighted to present an Annual Review that highlights the progress the Foundation has made in making a positive impact on the life of students, present and future and the wider communities the College serves.  ....This review highlights some of the success stories, from supporting 500 ESOL learners through their registration and learning journey at the College, to fulfilling the ambitions of 3 support staff members to participate in full time further education, and completing important building improvements to the Student Services area at Anniesland campus".

During 15/16 the Foundation has awarded over £5.8 million in funding to projects that offer:

  • Major investment in the College's 3 campus estates and ICT systems (£5.2 million)
Image of new horticultural and landscaping building, awarded funding in  February 2016

Image of new horticultural and landscaping building, awarded funding in February 2016

  • Significant additional support to students and the life of the College, using new approaches, to supporting young people both in their learning and then onwards to employment (£164,000)
  • Opportunities for academic staff of the College to continue their professional development (£450,000 for a 4 year programme of learning)
  • Innovation in the way in which STEM learning is presented and accessed by adult and family learners within the communities of Glasgow Clyde College and beyond (£80,000 awarded to Workers' Educational Association Scotland working in partnership with the College).

The full Annual Review can be accessed and downloaded here:   Second Annual Review of activity 2015-16


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