What we fund

We want to fund projects that will make a significant impact on the educational outcomes of students and the wider community which the College serves.

Learning and Life Chances:
Grant Scheme for Glasgow Clyde College.

Our funding should enable success through:

  • Supporting students and the life of the College
  • Supporting College staff, course and programmes and
  • Supporting estates development and sustainable infrastructure.

For each of these priority themes, the Foundation would like to encourage applications for:

  1. Supporting students and the life of the College
  • Developing student leader capability
  • Developing services to students to improve employment outcomes
  • Providing scholarships to support student learning outside the UK
  • Providing support for student visits integral to their learning and not able to be funded elsewhere
  • Developing programmes to attract more students/articulate more students to higher levels of learning.
  1. Supporting College staff, courses and programmes in the College
  • Developing collaborative programmes and other partnership opportunities compatible with the Colleges’ international strategy
  • Developing research collaborations aimed at improving teaching and learning, and student performance
  • Supporting  staff development opportunities in support of the College strategy
  • Supporting employer collaborations to develop new provision in key sectors
  • Supporting knowledge exchange out-with the UK, that is not able to be funded elsewhere
  1. Supporting a sustainable infrastructure and buildings for the College
  • ICT equipment and software within the context of the Colleges ICT strategy
  • Developmental estates projects focused on enhancing the quality of the estate and/or the student experience
  • Changes that will improve the environmental sustainability of the College
  • Changes to support new provision required by employers in key sectors
  • Significant Life cycle estates maintenance projects

Who Can Apply

  • Glasgow Clyde College at organisation, faculty or directorate level
  • Glasgow Clyde College Student Association

Please speak to the Foundation’s Director about your project idea prior to submitting a full application and ensure that your application has been assessed through the College's own Gateway Approvals Process for funding applications. 

Full College application guidance and PDF application form

Community partnerships Grants:
grant scheme for external, third sector organisations

“Ensuring local access routes and progression opportunities for neighbouring communities”. (Glasgow Clyde College Strategic Objective)

We will consider applications from external not-for-profit organisations where they can demonstrate how their work with the College will achieve significant educational outcomes for the groups they work with, in particular those experiencing disadvantage with the aim of breaking down barriers to learning and employment.

For this programme our themes are:

  1. Bringing adult learners and employers together
  2. Promoting innovation in learning
  3. Provision of training for external organisations in order to deliver themes one and two.

The Community Partnerships grants scheme will fund

  • Research, feasibility studies and pilot project that innovate
  • Resources such as curriculum materials
  • Project workers

For a full description of our grant making criteria for this scheme can be found here: Community Partnerships guidance noteAugust16

We are unable fund capital costs such as purchase of premise or vehicle  and are unlikely to make grants for project funding that will replace existing sources.

Grant making process

We expect to make grant awards totalling no more than  £100,000 per annum (year ending 31 March) for this programme.

Grants will be made for minimum of £10,000 to a maximum of £70,000, except where an exceptional case is made.

Where the maximum value of awards has already been made in one financial year, the Director will advise interested applicants of when the next tranche of funding will become available.

Please contact our Director Pauline Cameron for an initial discussion about your project idea before proceeding to develop your project.