Improved Pedagogy

One of the earliest grant awards made by the Foundation’s trustees in 2015 this bespoke programme for professional development has over the past 3 years continued to develop and deliver 12 week focused, systematic and structured programmes for existing lecturers within the College.

The aim of the project is to equip participants with knowledge, skills and understanding to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching in the college, benefitting College students with improved quality and relevance of teaching practice.

To date, 75 lecturers have voluntarily participated in and completed the programme, producing final assignments that demonstrate real growth in terms of understanding of evidence based best practice in teaching and delivering learning for students. An independent evaluation of the project found that “there is evidence that the experience of participating in the course has developed reflective skills and knowledge of pedagogies and this is demonstrated in the exploration of pedagogical themes and interventions designed in the final assignments’ (Interchange, Morag Kerr).

“I now understand the importance of providing students with a path for improvement and how to do it”.

“The course has a positive impact on our learning and teaching culture through professional dialogue. General feeling in my workroom is very positive. Working on the course with other colleagues has been excellent in relation to culture”. 

Comments from participant lecturers