How To Apply

For both our grant programmes, we ask both College and external organisations to speak to the Foundation’s Director about their project idea prior to beginning to develop a full application.

Applications are welcomed in support of project ideas which reflect our grant making principles and will be considered against these criteria:

Proposed projects should demonstrate:

Innovation:    take a new approach through the “pump- primed” funding that is offered;

Additionality:  be additional to the College or partner organisation’s core activities normally funded by established sources (such as Scottish Funding Council and Scottish Government).  What would simply not happen without our funding?

Legacy:  consider how evidence will be collected on the impact of the project which will inform future practice, benefitting students and communities served beyond the lifetime of the grant.

Equity:  prioritisation of students and communities from the most disadvantaged (SIMD10) localities, the care experienced and those from minority ethnic communities.

Green+:  contribution to environmental sustainability within the Glasgow areas in which the three campuses operate, supporting Sustainable Glasgow’s targets.

For the appropriate programme please go to:  (links to the further pages)