Our Funding Priorities

Centred on the principles of Innovation, Equity and Excellence, each of our priority themes are designed to encourage applications for:

A. Effective learning: Supporting the ways students learn

Our funding should enable young people and adults to learn in the best way that suits their abilities and needs, in order to support improved learning attainment and positive transitions into and out of College. Pump priming funding will prioritise projects that recognise the changing ways in which young people and adults learn and communicate. We will support projects that put learners at the centre of shaping the direction of their own learning, whilst emphasising sustainable delivery of good practice (‘what works’).

B. Improving Pedagogy: the way educators teach

We want to fund planned, strategic inputs that focus on improving pedagogy within the College and its partners, with an emphasis on increasing educator confidence in the use of new technologies, self-evaluation and continuing professional development that lead to increased attainment for students.
We prioritise proposals that apply STEM knowledge to new areas of the curriculum, particularly in the areas of health, life sciences and social care. Funding will pump prime new approaches that, based on robust evaluation, may have the potential for mainstreaming. 

C. Capability and Capacity

We also award funding to projects that focus on the College’s capacity to deliver improved learning and attainment through investment in effective and efficient business processes and a ‘future proofed’ sustainable infrastructure. The capacity of the College to improve its commercial operations will be supported, where income generated from its commercial activities is re-invested in increasing the quality and number of commercial projects and services offered.